Chattahoochee Schutzhund Club

We are an all breed club welcoming members with varying levels of experience from those who are new to the sport to those who have competed at the highest level. Our goal as a club is to work together to help members attain their schutzhund titles, and if desired compete in regional, national and international events. As a club we stress the importance of maintaining a supportive, fun and family friendly environment. If you bring the enthusiasm and commitment we will provide the experience to help you achieve the highest level possible for you and your dog. 

CSC exists for the purpose of training dogs for the sport of IPO (formerly Schutzhund).  We do this in an atmosphere that is fun and respectful of each other and our dogs. Each club member strives to train their dog(s) to their potential and reach their own personal goals.

April 7, 2018
UScA Judge Don Yelle

Dennis Vander Linde & Duco van Adlerik,* 98-94-95=287V, High Tracking, High Protection, High IPO3, High in Trial
Cinda Guyer & Keela NK9 vom Norrishaus,* 97-95-90=282SG, High Obedience

Stanley Craddock & Hamlyn von den Bosen Hohle,* High IPO2, 81-80-88=249
Roland Ybarra & Simon vom Sequoyahaus, 70-75-83=228

Don Youmans & Ella von Lotta,* High IPO1, 92-86-85=263
Willie Cooper & Stargazer-Ashmead's Celestrial Rythm,* 93-80-90=263
Roland Ybarra & Amaximus vom Rhynehaus,* 70-71-75=216
Cliff Benjamin & Buster Jendaliz,* DQ - No Out

Nona Luth & Elke v.d. Sportwaffen,* Pass
Dana O'Lone Long & Ivo von Lotta,* Pass
Cheryl Ashburn & Kansa's Will O' The Wisp,* Pass
Marco Howard & Micha Vom Haus Howard,* Pass

* denotes Handler Owner Trained

October 14, 2017
usca judge stanley craddock

Chris Ray & Waffle, DQ

Dameon Berry & Vendy Skocicka Samota, 62-65-88=215

John Battersby & Gabriel vom Norrishaus, 89-91-92=272, High TR, High OB, High PR, High IPO1, High in Trial
Jay Strickland & Jocko de Maitre de Noir, 85-85-83=253

Hal Tullis & Ulli von den Oher Tannen, 94

Gerard Armorer & Firezone's Front Runner, Pass
Courtney Peplin & Winona Zikora von Wendelin, Pass
Jesse Cortez & Caine Manor Quddus Royce, Pass
Benjamin Perry & Zeus, Pass
Summer Melillo & Elara's Aiko vom Herleven, Pass
Wayne Roberts & Casa Creeks Nitro, Pass
Wayne Carter & Steadfast K9's Creed vom AL Police K9, Pass
Roland Ybarra & Maximus vom Rhynehaus, Pass
Jeffrey Hanson & Cara's Jax in a Blizzard, Pass

October 8 - 9, 2016
Randall Hoadley, UScA Judge


Rhonda Southern & Miles von Hugelblick, 83-92-88=263
Cinda Guyer & Keela NK9 vom Norrishaus, 88-90-85=263
Sunny Andrews & Sookie NK9 Jabina del Lupo Nero, DQ

John Battersby & Gabriel vom Norrishaus, 85-67-88=240
Miguel Elgurea & Lupo Jabina NK9 vom Norrishaus, DQ

Joy Abein & Thor von Kaltwasser, Pass
Don Youmans & Ella von Lotta, Pass
Fran Wilde & Maggie von Taylorhof, Pass
Hal Tullis & Ulli von der Oher Tannen, Pass
John Battersby & Ir Od Hradcanskeho Rybnika, Pass
Keith Scott & Pitmaster You So Shady, Pass


April9, 2016
Michael Caputo, UScA / SV Judge

Sunny Andrews & Sookie NK9 Jabina DelLupo Nero, 99-90-95=284SG
Jay Tullis & Portia von den Oher Tanner, 97-81-75=253
Marisha Steward & Calisee El Dorado, DQ
Philippa Fendler & Bandit vom Hexenblut, 84-83-82=249

Rhonda Southern & Miles von Hugelblick, 99-88-98=285SG
Cinda Guyer & Keela NK9 vom Norrishaus, 87-85-83=255

John Battersby & Gabriel vom Norrishaus, 46-72-94=%

Brenda Powell & Faxon von den Oher Tanner, Pass
Lynn Geier & Genesis von Ramhaus, Pass


October 10, 2015
Robin Ayling, UScA Judge

Peter Spanos & Baccardi Liquido, 91-78-84=253G
Danielle Bercier, DVM, 58-58-76=%

Sunny Andrews & Sookie NK9 Jabina DelLupo Nero, 97-80-92=269G

Rhonda Southern & Miles von Hugelblick, 98-86-97=281SG
Cinda Guyer & Keela NK9 Vom Norrishaus, 98-81-88=267G
Roland Ybarra & Simon vom Sequoyahaus, 70-76-82-228S

Marisha Steward & Calisse El Dorado, Pass
Gerald Ferguson & Osage Agate vom Sequoyah Haus, Pass
Jessie Blankenship & Waylon von Hugelblick, Pass
Jeff Rowe & Kadee III, Pass
Teena Rowe &Quaalude vom Sequoyah Has, Pass
Austin Kikpatrick & Tyson vom Seeblick, Pass
Jeff Ross & Rabbi, Fail


April 11 - 12, 2015
Nikki Banfield, UScA Judge

Nona Luth & Dax K9 vom Norrishaus, 74-82-92=248
Tammy Kowalczyk & Bullitt vom Adler Tal, 40-65-81=186
Justen Haynes & Bliss vom Watcher Engel, 84-78-63=232

Ron Fox & Avanti Levemar, 94-98-83=275
Marisha Steward & Rivale Bella Giavanna, 81-76-80=237

Peter Spanos & Baccardi Liquido, 84-86-95=265
Falon Markow & Kastle van het Basjes Huis, 99-83-83=265
Sunny Andrews & Sookie NK9 Jubina Del Lupe Nero, 75-77-85=237
Carmen Diamond & Ina Vom Haus Dyer, 30-77-90=%
Ed Strickland & Maxwell Vom Schmidtzerheim, 88-62-TERM=%

Debbie Philpot & Karma Z Diehlomov, Pass
Shari Steven & Jax vom Banach, Pass
Ashton Boon & Ober z Lintichu, Fail
Colby Hernandez & Liesel vom Mittlewest, Fail
Linda Florenzie & Morningstar Power Surge vom Reeboch, Pass                      

Tracy Underwood &  Swift Run Harvard Ivy League,  75


October 4, 2014
Jeff Lund, UScA Judge

Ally Smith & Ascomannis Tarzan, 74-92-80=246

Denise Kiah & Mila Von Hund & Sport, 87-93-95=275
Nona Luth & Dax NK9 von Norrishaus, 71-83-95=249

Jason Lin & Alexandra vom Schifflache-Auwald, 77-83-82=242
Kris Johnson & Heddy von Brownstone, 90-58-92=240

Rhonda Southern & Miles von Hugelblick, Pass
Tracy Underwood & Swift Run's Harvard Ivy League, Pass
Jason Lin & Ascomannis Saxo, Pass
Vicki Hill & Ruger von Aro, Pass
Montell Brown & Hilka vom Rubezahl, Pass
Barkley Wike & Ninas Bellaregan vom Plesshaus, Pass
Jason Lin & Hammond von Linienbach, Pass
Kurt Hertrich & Caza vom Seeblick, Pass   

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